Send Your Losing Tickets Off To Be Spiritually Charged Into Winning Ones

Send Your Losing Tickets Off To Be Spiritually Charged Into Winning Ones


There’s a Tokyo temple that will certainly provide petitions for your shedding tickets and also transform them right into winning ones. It’s done annually in an event around May. However, the tickets need to burn there is a cleaning step.

This makes us wonder just how you get them back to the lotto store for the wins.

5 Vital Actions To Protect Your Most Prized Possession Lotto Game Ownership


Let’s picture a relative who telephoned you recently and read out the lottery-winning ones … and also you uncovered your numbers matched a major prize! What would certainly be your following action?

Victors frequently go into shock. After that they enter into yelling, dance, applauding, crying mode. Some go numb. However what occurs to the ticket throughout these moments?

Just assume … you’re holding a tiny piece of paper that stands for a brand-new life – a future that is so different from anything you’ve ever experienced, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want.

What would certainly you do – at this very moment – with this little notepad you are holding in your hands? What happens if you put it with a scanner to duplicate it, and it obtained torn apart by the rubber wheels?

● Do you place it right into a photocopier that obstructed?

● Put it right into your tee shirt pocket as well as ran excitedly with the rain to tell you’re good friends, only to find that all the writing had smeared?

● Swung it airborne – just to have it snatched from your fingers by a low-flying seagull?

Crazy ideas! However what would certainly you do? Just how would you maintain your ticket protection until you gathered your winning ones?


Right here’s a list that might aid till you reach the lottery HQ safe house:


  1. Check-in with your name as well as address instantly.
  2. Take a photo of both sides of the ticket.
  3. Put the ticket in a secured plastic bag.
  4. Keep your ticket with you. Some victors tape the ticket to their bodies.
  5. Inform no person. The fewer individuals that understand, the better.